Rory Feek Shares Video Of Indy Singing In The Tub

Rory Feek Shares Video Of Indy Singing In The Tub | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

Rory Feek / Instagram

It’s clear that Indy Feek has inherited her parents’ love for music!

Rory first offered a glimpse at Indy’s musical talents when he shared a video of her singing the song “Mockingbird” with their neighbor in August 2017. She may have only been three years old at the time, but even at that young age she made it clear she was “born to sing,” in Rory’s words.

…born to sing. Our sweet neighbor Jan Harris singing with Indiana last night.

Posted by Rory Feek on Saturday, August 12, 2017

Indy has continued to showcase her passion for music through the years.

In June 2018, her big sister, Heidi, shared a precious video of Indy singing loud and proud while riding with her in the car. But what made her little carpool karaoke performance all the more adorable was the fact she was singing along to a song recorded by her late mama, Joey.

So beautiful,” Rory wrote in the caption when he shared the video with his own followers.

Now five years old, Indy still loves to sing. This is something that Rory proved when he captured her singing her heart out while she was taking a bath and he was cooking dinner.

Rory shared the sweet video online, writing, “While I’m making dinner, Indiana’s making me smile.”

While we can’t tell exactly which song Indy is singing, we can tell that she loves singing it! Her enthusiasm is sure to make you smile, just as it made Rory smile.

We’re sure that Joey would be so proud of her little girl. She has such a sweet voice and a beautiful heart, just like her mama.

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