Remember When Willie Nelson Chopped Off His Braids & Didn’t Tell Anyone?

Remember When Willie Nelson Chopped Off His Braids & Didn’t Tell Anyone? | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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In May 2010, Willie Nelson made headlines after performing at Maui music venue Charley’s with his youngest son Micah’s band, The Reflectacles. Although the performance itself was awesome, and a surprise, that’s not why everyone was talking about it.

You can see the collaboration below.

It made headlines because Willie was sporting a shorter hairstyle, ditching his trademark long braids, which he had been rocking for over three decades. 

Fans were so shocked to see his hair be above his shoulders, especially since everyone thought he said he would never cut his hair. He said he would never cut his hair of anyone asked him, but he was willing to do it if that’s what he felt like doing.

According to New York Daily News, he told Stuff Magazine in 2007, “There have been a couple of times I’ve run into people who have requested that I cut my hair, but I’m not going to do it. Not for a movie or anything. You know, I might decide I don’t like it one day and cut if all off, but I wouldn’t do it just because that’s what somebody wanted me to do.

Willie’s spokeswoman Elaine Schock said that the country legend cut his hair in the weeks leading up to the Charley’s performance, and likely did it because shorter hair is easier to maintain.

He’s since grown it back out, but who’s to say he won’t make that drastic change again? We obviously love Willie no matter what kind of hairstyle he rocks!

Watch one of his most recent performance in the video below.

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