Reba Performs Emotional New Song “Seven Minutes In Heaven” Live For The First Time

Reba Performs Emotional New Song “Seven Minutes In Heaven” Live For The First Time | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Reba McEntire Performs Tear-Jerking New Song, “Seven Minutes In Heaven,” Live On TV For The First Time

On October 6, Reba McEntire unveiled her latest musical endeavor, an acoustic album titled Not That Fancy. Featuring stripped-down renditions of 13 of her beloved classics, the collection also introduces a poignant new addition.

Titled “Seven Minutes In Heaven,” this heartfelt song was penned by Matt Wynn and Olivia Rudeen. Within its verses, Reba contemplates how she would seize the moment and with whom she would choose to share it, if granted only seven minutes beyond the ethereal realm.

In the song, she sings, “I wouldn’t ask Cash why he wore all-black / Or have Elvis sing me a song / I wouldn’t ask why Kennedy died / ‘Cause I know that I wouldn’t have long. If I had seven minutes in Heaven / I’d spend them all with you.”

While fans can probably assume who McEntire is singing about, her music video makes it abundantly clear that she is singing about her late mother, Jacqueline.

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Reba lost her mom in 2020.

Jacqueline McEntire passed away on March 14, 2020 at the age of 92 following a battle with cancer. The family laid her to rest a few weeks later.

This isn’t the first song that McEntire has recorded about her beloved mama. In 2019, she released a song titled “You Never Gave Up On Me,” and included it on her album Stronger Than The Truth.

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“Seven Minutes In Heaven”music video was an emotional one to film.

In the music video accompanying “Seven Minutes In Heaven,” McEntire enlists an actress bearing a striking resemblance to her cherished mother. The poignant visual depicts a tearful Reba’s emotional reunion with her in the afterlife, seizing the precious moments to ask her lingering questions.

As the video reaches its conclusion, tears stream down Reba’s face as she embraces her mother one last time. Their hands clasp tightly, reluctant to let go, until the moment Reba must bid her farewell arrives.

Reba performs “Seven Minutes In Heaven” on TV for the first time.

While promoting the release of Not That Fancy, McEntire stopped by the TODAY show and performed it on television for the first time. The second you hear her sing those opening lyrics, you can immediately tell that this is a song that will resonate with people.

Watch her performance below.

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