Reba McEntire Sneaks Into Niall Horan’s “Voice” Dressing Room

Reba McEntire Sneaks Into Niall Horan’s “Voice” Dressing Room | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Reba McEntire Forms Fast Bond With New Voice Coach Niall Horan

Reba McEntire served as the Mega Mentor on the 23rd season of The Voice. That’s when she was introduced to Niall Horan, who served as a coach for the first time during Season 23.

Horan spoke about his experience working with McEntire. Despite being from different musical worlds, he has immense respect for her and all she’s accomplished.

It was an honor to work with Reba McEntire,” Horan told NBC. “Just to even be in the same room as her. She’s a legend. She transcends country music. She’s just an icon.”


Since then, we learned that McEntire is joining the Voice as its newest coach. She’ll fill the spot left vacant by Blake Shelton, and will coach alongside Horan, Gwen Stefani, and John Legend.


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McEntire has made it clear she’s a big fan of Horan’s as well. When she came back to The Voice, she voiced her desire to sit next to him once she’s a coach.

Funny Video Shows Reba McEntire “Breaking Into” Niall Horan’s Dressing Room On The Voice Set

A new video McEntire posted more recently offers some additional insight into her and Horan’s relationship. The hilarious clip shows McEntire sneaking into Horan’s Voice dressing room while he’s not there.


McEntire made herself at home right away. She found Horan’s snacks, and helped herself to some chips. McEntire was also happy to see Horan had some dip for his chips.

Things got even more hysterical when McEntire discovered Horan left his phone behind. He didn’t have a code on it, so McEntire was able to unlock it with no effort at all.

She jumped at the opportunity to film a funny video on Horan’s phone. She jokingly chided him for not keeping his phone more secure, saying, “Guess who’s in your dressing room? You should learn to lock your phone, bye.”

Watch the comical clip of McEntire “breaking into” Horan’s dressing room below. We can’t wait to see how funny she will be on The Voice!

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