Reba McEntire Reveals Big Change Coming To “The Voice”

Reba McEntire Reveals Big Change Coming To “The Voice” | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Voice Coach Reba McEntire Spills The Beans About Huge Change Coming To The Show In Season 25

Reba McEntire recently shared a big change coming to the current season of The Voice. Fans are quite surprised, to say the least!

Season 25 of The Voice already changed the game in a huge way. This season, The Voice introduced their first-ever double chair, with Dan + Shay serving as the show’s first coaching duo.

The “Bigger Houses” singers joined returning coaches John Legend, Chance the Rapper, and Reba.

Reba McEntire shared a big change is coming to The Voice in Season 25. Here, she's pictured with her fellow coaches Chance the Rapper, Dan + Shay, and John Legend
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Additionally, Season 25 marks the first time The Voice has ever had two country artists as coaches. This has resulted in an interesting dynamic during the blind auditions. Dan + Shay and Reba have used their “blocks” on each other, knowing the competition for country contestants will be intense between them.

I feel like we have really been having to strategize and use our blocks to our advantage,” Dan + Shay’s Shay Mooney told Billboard. “Who doesn’t love Reba McEntire and didn’t listen to her music and watch her show growing up? That’s stiff competition. She’s very competitive.”

But Those Aren’t The Only Things Changing On The Voice

Also during the blind auditions, Reba revealed another major change coming to The Voice during Season 25.

The Voice and Reba co-shared a video of her spilling the beans about this change. She said:

Season 24 was 14 positions, and now we only have 10. So you really have to be selective, you really have to make sure that person is one you want on your team because the competition is really stiff.”

So Reba, Chance, John, and Dan + Shay can only welcome 10 contestants onto their teams during the blind auditions. That’s a huge change!


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Fans reacted to the news in the comments. Responses were mixed, with some saying they don’t like the change. Others seemed to be on board with the idea, and expressed their love for Reba as a coach.

Some of the comments were:

“Why do they keep cutting it back for contestants that makes it boring.”

“I’m so excited to watch this season.”

“Why only 10 per team? What’s the obsession with shortening every season more? The show is better when you get to know the contestants for longer. You’re heading in the wrong direction.”

“I am so glad you are back for another season.”

“I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! Last season was so fun I can’t WAIT to see this one.”

What do you think about the change coming to The Voice this season? Hear Reba talk about it by tuning in to the video below.

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