Priscilla Says That Lisa Marie Is “Well” Amid Divorce & Custody Battle

Priscilla Says That Lisa Marie Is “Well” Amid Divorce & Custody Battle | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos


The week of August 16 is one of the most iconic weeks for Elvis Presley fans.

Every year, fans flock to Elvis’ beloved Graceland to celebrate his life, 42 years after his death for a week appropriately called Elvis Week.

Elvis’s family, including his ex-wife Priscilla, daughter Lisa Marie, and her children are always there for the celebration, but this year the family will be missing two of its youngest members, Lisa Marie’s twin daughters Harper and Finley.

Lisa Marie is currently in a custody battle with her estranged husband Michael Lockwood that dates back a couple years.

In 2017, the children were removed from the custody of both parents and custody was granted to Priscilla after Lisa Marie claimed she had found an immense catalog of child pornography on Lockwood’s computer.

They have a shared custody agreement – but in a report by The Blast via Yahoo! Entertainment, Lisa Marie claims that Lockwood “did not elect to exercise his visitation with the girls between April 8th, 2019 and June 27th, 2019.”

Regardless of that claim, Lockwood is refusing to allow his daughters to visit Graceland for the annual Elvis Week celebration.

Lisa Marie claims that when they were married, they would both take the kids to Graceland during Elvis Week and it was an annual family trip. The past two years, she’s had to petition the courts to allow her to take them and help them learn more about the impact their grandfather had on the world.

Lockwood, however, didn’t care. An email to her attorney on July 18th clearly states his concern: “I am not consenting to the trip to Memphis. Every time Lisa takes the girls to Memphis it becomes a photo op for her … I have brought this up every year. She agrees no photos yet there always is.”

Despite not having her entire family with her for Elvis Week, Priscilla still promoted it on The TODAY Show. She said that Elvis would “never believe” how popular he’d be this long after his passing.

Because Lisa Marie’s divorce and custody battle is public knowledge, the TODAY hosts asked Priscilla how she’s doing.

“She’s doing well, thank you,” she said. “Thank you for asking. She’s doing well. The [twins] are great, they’re almost 11 years old now. Time is flying by so fast.”

Watch her interview below.

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