Olivia Newton-John’s Daughter Reveals The Last Thing Her Mom Said To Her

Olivia Newton-John’s Daughter Reveals The Last Thing Her Mom Said To Her | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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When Olivia Newton-John passed away in August 2022, she left behind a daughter named Chloe Lattanzi.

Chloe Lattanzi, was born in 1986 to Newton-John and her first husband, actor Mark Lattanzi. She grew up in the entertainment industry and began performing at a young age. Chloe pursued a career in music and released her debut album No Pain in 2016.

She has also acted in several films and television shows, including Sharknado 5: Global Swarming and The Wilde Girls.

Chloe has been open about her struggles with body dysmorphia and addiction. She has spoken about her experiences with these issues and has encouraged others to seek help and support. In 2020, Chloe released a single, “Wings and a Gun,” which she dedicated to her mother and her own journey of healing and self-acceptance.

Olivia and Chloe have a close relationship and have supported each other throughout their careers and personal lives. They have also collaborated on several projects, including the 2011 duet “You Have to Believe,” which they recorded to raise money for the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre.

They also teamed up for a song called “Window In The Wall,” which became Olivia’s last release before her passing.

Olivia and Chloe’s close relationship and collaborations have been a source of inspiration and hope for many. Chloe and Olivia’s husband, John Easterling, came together to do their first interview since Olivia’s death.

“I love my mom more than anything. She’s my mama, she’s not Olivia Newton-John to me, but I’m glad that she was Olivia Newton-John for so many people,” Chloe said.

During the interview, Chloe opened up about the last words her mother said to her. Chloe revealed that towards the end of her life, Olivia she kept her great sense of humor.

Chloe revealed, “The last words she could say to me was, ‘My sunshine.’ And right before she lost her ability to speak, she was making jokes.”

Even at the very end, Olivia had an infectious spirit. She is dearly missed. See Chloe and John’s full interview below.

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