Meet Randy Travis’ Wife, Mary Davis

Meet Randy Travis’ Wife, Mary Davis | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Country music icon Randy Travis has been married to his wife Mary Davis since 2015, but their love story extends many years prior. The couple, who were previously married to other partners, reportedly knew each other for 30 years before eventually tying the knot. 

Mary has been Randy’s caretaker since his debilitating stroke in 2013 and often helps serve as his voice since the effects of the stroke left him unable to speak clearly. Mary told Taste of Country

“He’s a warrior. He’s an angel. When you go through life and you have someone that is so dear to you that can tell you every day how much that they love you and how special you are, how pretty you are — thank you for this, thank you for that — you take that for granted. It’s one of those things I often tell people, I say ‘Listen fast, talk slow.’ I wish I’d listened faster to his stories because he has so many great stories.”

Who is Mary Davis?   

According to her Facebook account, Mary grew up in Plano, Texas, and studied Business Marketing at Baylor University. The 64-year-old has one son and one daughter from a previous marriage.

Randy Travis and family via Facebook

Randy and Mary’s marriage has endured highs and lows. 

Prior to the life-altering stroke, Mary stood by Randy’s side through scandal and run-ins with the law. Mary often credits the resiliency of their marriage to their strong faith. She told Rolling Stone

“There’s no way we could have gotten through what we got through without our faith… We leaned really hard on God. Every day we still do. It’s like they say, ‘By the grace of God, I walk.’ That’s exactly the way we feel.” 

Mary is helping Randy move forward with life.

The physical effects of Randy’s stroke left him with limited abilities, but Mary steps in to fill the gaps. For instance, Randy was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2016, but at the time was still unable to speak. Mary had what she called the “daunting task of being the voice of this man who so eloquently put words to melody to make beautiful music” as she accepted the award on his behalf. 

Mary regularly joins her husband for awards shows, red carpets, ceremonies, and other engagements. Doctors warned Mary of the difficult road to recovery that she and Randy would face, but her support remained unwavering. Mary told PEOPLE

Our communication is between hearts now, and not lips.

In a 2020 interview with Country Rebel, Mary said about Randy:

“He has been through lots of ups and downs, lots of storms of life, and it’s been such an honor and a privilege to get to walk beside this man and watch as he’s gone through so many things. To see the smile on his face and the kindness in his heart and the lack of bitterness, and the amount of faith is just so precious to me.

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