Martina McBride’s Mom Has Emergency Heart Surgery

Martina McBride’s Mom Has Emergency Heart Surgery | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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One of the leading ladies of country music just revealed that her family is enduring a trying health battle that involves her mother.

Speaking openly on social media, Martina McBride explained exactly what has been going on and asked for her fans to say a prayer in this time of need.

Revealing the cause for her absence from social channels this past week, Martina posted an update in the early morning hours on Friday morning (January 10th, 2020), saying, in part:

“I’ve been absent on social media because I’ve spent the past week with my family surrounding my mom with love 24/7 in a Kansas hospital following her emergency heart surgery.”

Little is known about what caused Martina’s mother’s condition or surgery and the family has yet to speak about her current condition. Several news outlets have said they reached out to her representative, but no news has come of it yet.

“She’s a fighter and one of the strongest women I know but she could use your prayers please. Thank you,” she said in her Tweet.

We are praying for Martina McBride and her family during this very difficult time. As news comes of her mother’s condition, we will keep you updated.

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