LeAnn Rimes Mourns Death Of Her Stepfather, Ted

LeAnn Rimes Mourns Death Of Her Stepfather, Ted | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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LeAnn Rimes’ Stepdad, Ted, Has Died – LeAnn Says “I Love You… Forever!”

Singer LeAnn Rimes is currently mourning the loss of her beloved stepfather, Ted. LeAnn shared the sad news of Ted’s passing on her Instagram page late on Wednesday night (October 11).

She said:

“goodbye, ted. rest well! your joy and childlike heart will forever be ingrained on mine. you encouraged me to be nothing but a kid when i had the whole world of adult expectations on my shoulders. you gave me a space to play and be loved in the fullness of my being and for that, i am forever grateful. i won the lottery when it came to stepdads!!! i love you… forever!”

LeAnn posted two photos of Ted. One shows her with him when she was just getting started in her career. Another appears to have been taken in more recent times, and shows Ted with LeAnn’s mother (and his wife) Belinda.


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LeAnn Was Forever Grateful For Her Stepfather

Belinda and LeAnn’s father (Wilbur Rimes) divorced in 1997 when LeAnn was still a teenager. Six years later, Belinda married Ted.

An old report from CMT in 2003 states Ted was “an old family friend who photographed LeAnn’s rise to stardom.”

LeAnn always made it clear how much of an influence Ted played in her life. One of her sweetest tributes to him came on his birthday in 2014.

She shared two posts on X (previously Twitter) to show her love for Ted. LeAnn said:

“Happy bday to my other daddy, Ted! You’re the best thing that ever happened to my mom & our family. #stepdadsrule”

She shared a photo of her and Ted together in another post, writing, “Happy bday to my Ted #dad.

LeAnn Rimes with her stepdad Ted
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LeAnn Shares How Her Stepdad Wanted People To Honor Him After His Death

After Ted passed away, LeAnn shared how he wanted people to honor him. She told her followers:

“all ted wanted was for silent night by mannheim steamroller to be played in his honor. join me in playing it tonight. he would be thrilled! he loved christmas as much as me!!”

In Ted’s honor, you can listen to Mannheim Steamroller’s version of “Silent Night” in the clip below. Our hearts go out to LeAnn and her family as they mourn their loss…

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