Kevin Costner Explains The Toughest Part Of Filming Season 4 Of Yellowstone

Kevin Costner Explains The Toughest Part Of Filming Season 4 Of Yellowstone | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Yes it’s confirmed. The filming of Season 4 of Yellowstone is already underway and after Season 3 ending on a cliffhanger, this news comes as a relief.

So far, all three previous seasons of Yellowstone have been released in mid-June, and it is likely that the release date of Season 4 will also be that month. Based on the release date of those previous seasons, Yellowstone Season 4’s likely release date will be Sunday, June 20, 2021.

But filming during the middle of a pandemic is a struggle. Paramount announced that the drama will not be filmed in Utah this year. Season 4 production will be taking place only in Montana, so that everyone can stay centralized to limit the risk of the cast and crew getting sick.

While it’s exciting to hear that production hasn’t slowed or stopped, the location changes are hard on Kevin Costner, and rightfully so. The actor explained that the biggest challenge he personally faces is being kept from his family.

During an interview with Good Housekeeping, Costner shared his thoughts about filming Season 4.

“It puts me away from home. I go home every moment I can. But this year, we’re filming exclusively in Montana, which makes going home almost impossible. When you deal with two airplanes, it’s all-day travel. If it’s all-day travel home, then it’s going to be all-day travel back.”

Costner’s sacrifice will not go unrewarded. Season 4 is expected to gain the show even more popularity. According to a report from Deadline, the Season 3 saw 113% more views versus Season 2, along with 132% more engagements. Fan growth went up 90%, generating 146 million cross-platform views and 5.4 million cross-platform engagements, while adding 404,000 new fans.

Watch a clip of the Season 3 finale below.

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