Kane Brown Releases “Blue Christmas” Duet With Elvis Presley

Kane Brown Releases “Blue Christmas” Duet With Elvis Presley | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Kane Brown Sings Charming “Blue Christmas” Duet With Elvis Presley – Although Elvis Died 46 Years Ago

Elvis Presley‘s rendition of “Blue Christmas” is absolutely iconic. Now, fans can enjoy a new version of the song…which is a duet between Elvis and country star Kane Brown.

Like so many people, Kane grew up loving Elvis’ version of “Blue Christmas.” He told Philadelphia-based radio station 92.5 XTU:

“I chose to cover ‘Blue Christmas’ because it was probably one of my favorite Christmas songs. I don’t have a lot.”

Kane used to sing “Blue Christmas” a lot when he was getting his start in the music scene. Jump to today, when he got asked to record a Christmas song, he knew it had to be “Blue Christmas.”

Having Elvis on the recording just adds the cherry on top. “…to reimagine it with Elvis is amazing,” he said. Kane was blown away when he heard their duet for the first time, saying, “just to hear me and Elvis on the same song is crazy.”

This Isn’t The First Time Someone Has Recorded A “Blue Christmas” Duet With Elvis After His Passing

Elvis died in 1977, but several artists have released duets with him since then. They take Elvis’ old vocal recordings and combine those recordings with their own.

RCA Records released Elvis’ Christmas Duets album in 2008. The album used Elvis’ archival recordings and mixed them with new vocals from female country stars.

Carrie Underwood, Sara Evans, Gretchen Wilson, LeAnn Rimes, and Wynonna were among some of the artists featured on the album with Elvis.

Cover art for the Elvis Presley Christmas Duets album
RCA / Fair Use

Another artist who contributed to the album was Martina McBride. She had the honor of singing “Blue Christmas” with Elvis. Their duet reached the 40th spot on the country chart.

A second version of Martina and Elvis singing “Blue Christmas” was released in an official music video. This version has a similar arrangement to the performance in Elvis’ ’68 Comeback Special. Footage of Martina was digitally inserted into footage from the Comeback Special, making it appear she was singing with Elvis.

Listen To Kane Brown’s Version Of “Blue Christmas” With Elvis Below

Now, Kane has given us a charming new “Blue Christmas” duet to enjoy. Elvis starts off singing first, before Kane jumps in later. Their voices eventually unite as the song continues.

Listen to Kane’s new “Blue Christmas” duet with Elvis below. We hope y’all enjoy it.

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