George Jones’ Wife Nancy Gives Update On Daughter’s Lawnmower Accident

George Jones’ Wife Nancy Gives Update On Daughter’s Lawnmower Accident | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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George Jones’ Widow Nancy Jones Gave Followers An Update On Her Daughter After “Horrible” Accident.

Nancy Jones, the widow of George Jones, posted on her husband’s official Facebook page out to request prayers for her daughter, Adina. Nancy disclosed that Adina was involved in a distressing lawnmower incident on September 27.

Nancy provided an update on Adina’s treatment, including her recent surgery: “On September 28, Adina underwent surgery, during which the wound was meticulously cleansed. A wound vac was applied to the affected area. Regrettably, the heel bone is entirely absent, and the pad of her heel is also gone. Tomorrow, we will confer with the surgeon to explore her options, which I’ll elaborate on in detail.”

What Does the Future Hold for Adina?

Nancy outlined the two primary options currently being considered for Adina: “1. Adina could undergo multiple surgeries to transplant tissue from other parts of her body in order to reconstruct the heel. Unfortunately, rebuilding the heel bone isn’t possible due to extensive damage and missing parts. It’s still uncertain if she’ll regain the ability to walk on it. 2. The alternative is amputation, followed by the process of learning to walk with a prosthetic foot.”

Nancy concluded her message with a heartfelt plea: “I implore everyone to keep my beloved daughter in your thoughts and prayers – we are in great need of them!”

The comments section overflowed with well-wishes for Adina, with over 3,000 comments.

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Nancy’s Update On Adina

On September 29, Nancy updated followers on how Adina is doing. She wrote, “I would like to thank everyone for all the love, support and prayers.”

The post continued, “We met with the surgeon today and discussed in detail her options. She decided to go with the option to rebuild the heel. She lost 80% of the heel and 40% of heel bone. She will have to make some lifestyle changes, but will be able to walk for short periods of time. Please keep the prayers coming as this will be a long process.”

We are sending our prayers to Adina as she recovers from surgery! 

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