Garth Brooks Reveals That He Once Showered With Steven Tyler

Garth Brooks Reveals That He Once Showered With Steven Tyler | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

Kelly Clarkson Show/Letterman/Youtube

Garth Brooks recently appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show where he made a confession that stopped the host in her tracks…”I showered with him.”

Kelly Clarkson and Brooks were playing “Rock Star Roulette,” a game where they spin a wheel and have to sing a song by the rock star or band it lands on. The wheel stopped on Aerosmith and Clarkson immediately fangirled, admitting that she once thought she was going to marry Steven Tyler.

Kelly prompted Garth to share a story about Aerosmith by saying, “You gotta have a song.” But, instead of sharing a song, Garth casually said, “I showered with him.”

Kelly kept rolling with the conversation, mentioning Garth’s cover of the band’s “Fever” before the shower comment registered. She stopped and put her hand on the star’s arm and asked, “Did you say ‘I showered with him?'”

Garth then shared details of his encounter with the Aerosmith frontman, saying:

“We’re playing the last play at Shea [Stadium] with Billy Joel…they’re getting ready to tear down Shea Stadium in New York. I go out there and I’m late anyway, and they have just the baseball showers,” Brooks recalled. “And I’m in there showering and getting ready for the show. I had soap in my eyes and looked around, and there’s Steven Tyler, he’s showering too.”

Garth reportedly said hello to the Aerosmith singer, and asked Kelly, “How many people get to say that?” It was the perfect setup for Clarkson to quip back, “Well, who knows? He’s rock and roll. You might not be so special, Garth.”

The memorable encounter between Garth Brooks and Steven Tyler happened in 2008 just before Shea Stadium was torn down to make way for Citi Field. The two superstars teamed up with Billy Joel for the night where Garth joined Joel for “Shameless,” and Steven Tyler  performed “Walk This Way.”

Watch Garth Brooks tell the full hilarious story to Kelly Clarkson in the video below.

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