Faith Hill Demands Respect, Sits Down Mid-Concert

Faith Hill Demands Respect, Sits Down Mid-Concert | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos


During a tour stop on their top-selling Soul2Soul World Tour, Faith Hill took a seat on the concert stage and demanded applause before she would stand up – saying “I want some respect!”

According to videos and photos on social media (along with a series of tweets), it appears that their stopover in Lexington, Kentucky had some less-than-excited fans. It was such an apparent part of the crowd’s vibe that Faith took matters into her own hands and sat down on stage in the middle of her set.

One Twitter fan account posted a variety of descriptions and photos of the situation. According to the user, folks had been sitting a ton and not getting into the show they paid to come see – so Faith sat down on stage after demanding respect from the audience.

“I’m gonna sit right here until I get enough applause to stand up…because I work my but off!” she shouted. “I work my butt off up here and I want some respect! I earned some respect! Yas, girl – you earned some respect! C’mon!”

Fans took to Twitter after the video was published and people praised Faith’s demand for respect after putting so much energy and effort into her concert and music alongside husband Tim McGraw.

According to several people at the concert who commented on the video of Faith sitting down on stage and demanding respect from the audience, the video clearly doesn’t show the entire story – but it’s not too far off of reality.

We aren’t sure exactly what happened to have her demand respect from the audience, but there’s no doubt about it – she’s worked hard and definitely deserves applause and respect for the vast amount of good country music she’s created over the years.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think. 

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