Elvis Presley’s Ex Linda Thompson Says In 2018 Interview She ‘Probably Extended His Life’

Elvis Presley’s Ex Linda Thompson Says In 2018 Interview She ‘Probably Extended His Life’ | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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The Woman Who Came After Priscilla

After Elvis Presley‘s high-profile marriage to longtime love Priscilla (Beaulieu) Presley ended in divorce, it wasn’t long before he found a new love. That love was a young woman named Linda Thompson, who had just been crowned as Miss Tennessee in 1972.


In later years, Linda went on to enter two famous marriages, the first being with Olympian Bruce (now Caitlyn) Jenner, and the second being with musician David Foster.

Because of the buzz that surrounded those relationships, many have forgotten that Linda once dated “The King.”

She Still Has Strong Feelings For Him

During an interview with Closer Weekly, Linda made a bold confession about her relationship with Elvis. She revealed that he was the first person she ever fell for, saying, “he was my first love.”

She went on to elaborate, saying how much she treasures her time spent with Elvis. “[He was] the one who altered my life the most,” she said. “He was the first, and that’s always very special.”


While Linda was obviously smitten with Elvis, she readily admits that their relationship had its dark spots.

The Not-So-Nice Parts Of Their Relationship

She claimed that Elvis’s usage of prescription pills was starting to have some serious effects on him when they started dating. Linda said that while she doesn’t think she could have saved Elvis, she likes to think she helped him stay around a little longer.

I don’t have such an ego that I think I could have made a difference,” she said. “But I know I did take very good care of him and probably extended his life by a few years.”


The two eventually ended their relationship in 1976, and Elvis passed away the following year. Even though they dated long ago, Linda still feels a bit of pain every time she hears one of his songs.

“I still feel that and there’s a raw spot in my heart when I see him or hear him sing,” she said in a 2016 interview with FOX News. “I have to stop what I’m doing and just remember the great love that we shared. That doesn’t go away. That stays in the heart forever.

You can listen to Linda share more intimate details about her relationship with Elvis by watching her 2002 interview with Larry King below. Even after all of this time, it’s clear she still holds a great deal of love in her heart for Elvis.

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