During Awards Speech Alan Jackson Tearfully Thanks Wife, Denise

During Awards Speech Alan Jackson Tearfully Thanks Wife, Denise | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Emotions Run Deep in Alan and Denise Jackson’s 42-year marriage.

Soulmate is often used to describe marriages like those of Alan Jackson and his wife, Denise. When they married in 1979, the young Georgia high school sweethearts who shared the same last name had no way of knowing the challenges their relationship would face. For the couple, the hills were high and the valleys low, leading up to and after Alan became a famous country music star. Nor did they know how incredibly strong their bond would become, withstanding many tests of time.

Alan’s love and adoration for his wife can be found throughout his career. One rainy evening, the songwriter took pen to paper and fingers to guitar in a hotel room in Arkansas. Reminiscing, he wrote his first single, “I’d Love You All Over Again,” for their 10th anniversary. It was a heartfelt tribute to their relationship and topped the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart. 

Alan went on to win many awards during his first decade in the music industry. During one of his many acceptance speeches, he broke down while crediting his wife for his success. When the camera panned to Jackson, he leaned forward and kissed his wife before heading to the stage to accept the award.

“There’s just one person I need to thank for this award,” Jackson began as emotions took over.  He struggled to get his words out, then continued,

“I married her when she was too young to know any better. I took her away from all of her family and friends … and made her live in a basement for five-and-a-half years in Nashville, but she never complained about it.”

The neotraditional country singer’s throat tightened as the tears came. He looked away to take a moment to gather his emotions. Though full of blessings, Jackson knew his music journey was tough and could be a heavy burden on his wife of 16 years.

Gathering his words, he motioned to Denise, “Come on up. Come on up.” His wife graciously joined him on stage. With her comfort and support by his side, Alan could finish his acceptance speech.  

Denise Jackson Speaks Honestly during the 1996 filming of Soulmates on TNN.

The video below shows a glimpse of those emotional moments Jackson experienced at the awards. The heart behind his tears is his wife, Denise. The compilation shares her honest perspective on the years of their relationship leading up to her husband’s dreams of becoming a successful country artist. Her love of Jackson was unsurpassed but often came with a price.

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Alan and Denise Jackson Faced Relationship and Health Challenges.

The Jacksons found many gifts on the road to stardom through the years. Their family had grown, and they had three lovely daughters. They enjoyed the lifestyle success has brought them. Behind them were Jackson’s doubts about becoming a country music artist. Yet, through the years, their relationship had also been emotionally challenged by infidelity, separation, reunions, and health crises. 

The couple’s first health challenge was in 2010 when Denise was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Attributing her recovery to her family and faith, she is now a cancer survivor. Then, in 2021, Jackson shared his own health challenges with Today. He had been diagnosed with a degenerative nerve disease, Charcot–Marie–Tooth, which affects motor and sensory nerves. 

Notable Accomplishments for both Alan and Denise Jackson.

Through the years, Denise dedicated much of her time to assisting in Alan’s rise to fame. She had other careers, including elementary school teacher and former flight attendant. Denise is also a published author and released her first book in 2007, It’s All About Him: Finding the Love of My Life. In 2008, she published The Road Home.

Jackson has recorded 21 albums and sold over 75 million records. He’s received many awards throughout his career. Beginning with his first, in 1991 NSAI Songwriter’s Achievement Award for songs “Here In the Real World” and “Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow.” From there, he has received over 150 music industry awards, 

It is apparent that their love is one of nurturing, forgiveness, dedication, and perseverance. Most of the time, true love isn’t all about the glitter but the glue. 

Check out the video below highlighting Alan Jackson’s Family Journey.

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