Donny & Marie Look Back On Their Final Show Together

Donny & Marie Look Back On Their Final Show Together | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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At the culmination of more than a decade in a Las Vegas residency with his sister Marie Osmond, the famous male sibling of duo Donny & Marie, looked back on his incredible career with her.

Earlier in 2019, Donny & Marie Osmond announced that they would be ending their residency and their showcase in November, and true-to-form, their final show on November 18th went off without a hitch.

This famous sibling duo has been singing and dancing together for much of their life and really rose to prominence with their namesake variety show “Donny & Marie.”

Fighting back tears as they sang “May Tomorrow Be A Perfect Day” during their farewell performance, these two proved that this was a very hard goodbye…but, on the other hand, is also a celebration of the next chapter.

Sitting down with The Talk, both Donny and Marie shared their thoughts on what the last 11 years has been like, what they are looking forward to the most in the future, and how all of this has meant a great deal to them.

“Well we made it over the finish line and I only limped a little!!” said on Instagram. “Last night as ‘Donny and Marie’ we sang together again but this time was for the last time. I’m not losing him, we are, after all, still brother and sister and I’ll see him at Christmas”

Watch both Donny and Marie in their interviews about their farewell below.

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