Did Marie Osmond Confirm Donny Is On “The Masked Singer”?

Did Marie Osmond Confirm Donny Is On “The Masked Singer”? | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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The thrilling new “Who Sung It” show on Fox has everyone guessing…but Marie Osmond‘s slip of the tongue may have unmasked one of the performers a bit earlier than planned.

The Masked Singer is a whole new take on singing competitions and it came over from Korea where it was one of the hottest shows on television – and now, Americans can’t get enough of it!

The premise is simple, a series of celebrities and famous names get all decked out in elaborate costumes and then belt out a song on stage while giving the audience and panelists a series of clues as each week goes on.


Already aired for several weeks, two of the performers have been unmasked after getting the least number of votes for that evening – but there are still quite a few left and folks have been blasting out guesses left and right.

But, Marie Osmond may have just taken the mask off of one without even realizing! 

Folks watching the show have seen the Peacock perform twice now, and each time more clues are presented that help build the case for Donny Osmond being behind the mask – even his singing voice sounds eerily similar!


The clue packages reveal that the Peacock first began performing at age five, was good friends with Michael Jackson, and even hinted at a Vegas show – while admitting “it’s probably been a while since your mom had a poster of me on her walls.”

Turns out, it’s those many, many clues that are what helped Marie Osmond spill the beans on her brother’s new gig….or did she?


Sitting down for a brand new interview with Access Live, Marie talks about both of her brothers’ recent surgeries (including Donny’s shoulder) and spoke candidly about her and Donny ending their Vegas residency.

The hosts commented on Donny’s assumed performance saying, “He’s great as the Peacock! Is he the Peacock?”

“We started [performing] the same year – he was five, I was three,” Marie said in response to the host’s question about his age-related clue.

“Was he friends with Michael Jackson? That’s one of the clues he gave away,” the hosts asked Marie.

“I know! I told him, I said ‘Why are you giving away such easy clues?’,” Marie responded without a beat before the hosts started cheering.

A brief pause and a few seconds later, Marie started backtracking and saying she “doesn’t know” if he’s the Peacock.

Check out the interview below (starting at 4:15) and tell us if you think she flubbed and revealed the truth!

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