Chaos Forced Reba To Stall 2004 ACM Awards

Chaos Forced Reba To Stall 2004 ACM Awards | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Not too far in the past, this country queen found herself struggling to stall for time while on live television for the ACM Awards. While she attempted to keep the audience from getting too restless, chaos erupted backstage in search of a very important item.

Reba McEntire had already been the host of the Academy of Country Music Awards six times before, but during this unforgettable segment – she experienced a whole new sensation while at her gig.

Taking the stage at the 2004 ACM Awards, Reba began reading the teleprompter with fury as she realized the next performer was not ready – and they couldn’t find his guitar!

Reminiscing in this fresh look back on a famous moment, Reba explains what the show’s producer, Dick Clark, had said to her.

“Well, he told me to get out there and stall because they couldn’t find Keith Urban’s guitar,” she began. “So I got out there and I was just absolutely blowing it…”

Apparently, the stalling wasn’t working and Clark decided to come out and join her on stage.

“I was trying to be a genius and think of something really funny to say…which I did not.”

The clip then cuts to the part where this famous redhead tries her hand at a joke…Luckily for her, they eventually found Keith Urban’s guitar.

Watch the full video below and tell us if you thought Reba’s joke was funny! 

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