45 Years Ago: “Tulsa Time” By Don Williams Goes No. 1

45 Years Ago: “Tulsa Time” By Don Williams Goes No. 1 | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Don Williams had 17 number one country hits to his name, including “Tulsa Time.”

“Tulsa Time,” penned by Danny Flowers, emerged as a quintessential country-rock anthem through Don Williams’ rendition in 1978. The song epitomizes the yearning for a relaxed pace of life, away from the hustle, and is an ode to the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Williams’ soulful delivery and the infectious groove of “Tulsa Time” propelled it to success, topping the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart and crossing over to the Billboard Hot 100.

Its irresistible melody and relatable lyrics struck a chord with audiences, cementing its status as a country classic. It is an upbeat tale of a man from Tulsa, Oklahoma who leaves town to follow his dreams, although he is unsuccessful and eventually moves back home. Even though the outcome of the story isn’t the greatest, Williams’ delivery is so great, we forget about the sadness. Our toes begin tappin’ and our heads start bobbing the second we hear him play guitar.

Live performances of “Tulsa Time” were legendary.

Williams’ concerts often featured this song as a crowd-pleaser, with its upbeat tempo and catchy chorus eliciting sing-alongs and foot-tapping from audiences worldwide.

Moreover, the song’s popularity led to numerous covers by artists from various genres. Eric Clapton notably recorded a bluesy rendition in 1980, reaching the UK Top 40 and further popularizing the song internationally.

“Tulsa Time” became a staple in country music, maintaining its relevance across generations. Its lyrics encapsulate the desire for a laid-back lifestyle, striking a chord with listeners seeking escape or relaxation.

Decades after its release, “Tulsa Time” remains a cherished piece in country music history, often included in compilations and playlists celebrating the genre’s golden era. Its catchy tune, timeless message, and widespread appeal ensure its enduring status as a beloved classic, solidifying its place in the hearts of music enthusiasts around the world.

Other artists that have recorded the tune are Eric Clapton, Reba McEntire, Jason Boland & the Stragglers, Bico Fino Brother Band, and most recently, Billy Ray Cyrus.

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Watch Don Williams perform “Tulsa Time” at Austin City Limits in 1983.

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