Cop Trades Badge For Singing Career As Lip Sync Battle Rages On

Cop Trades Badge For Singing Career As Lip Sync Battle Rages On | Classic Country Music Videos

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The Lip Sync Battle among law enforcement agencies continues to rage. Each entertaining production reaches the coveted “viral” status almost before it’s shared.

Attracting millions of viewers from all over the world, the entries just keep on coming. It’s almost as if the pent-up creative talent locked behind desks and the wheels of police cruisers has been unleashed – and just in time.


Better Late Than Never

Enter the Las Cruces Police Department. The New Mexico officers were concerned about being a late entry, but as evidenced by the rabid response, viewers aren’t concerned about timing, they’re just hungry for more entertainment from those whom they’d least expect it.

In this populous city that hovers on the edge of the desert, country star Toby Keith (or at least his voice) shows up to take control of the contest with his universally loved tune, “Should’ve Been A Cowboy.”

It’s Only Right

It’s only right this ol’ cowboy would reemerge in these here parts. After all, the video from the original “Should’ve Been a Cowboy” was taped in Las Cruces 25 years ago.

After Chief Gallagher gets approached with numerous pitches for the lip sync video, all considered too outlandish, a female voice (Amanda) proposes the winning idea. “What about Frank Ray?” she inquires.

A Real Country Singer!?

“Frank Ray?” responds the Chief, “Didn’t he hang up the uniform to become a country singer?”

“Technically, he’s still ours till the end of the month,” came the reply.

A Genuine Cowboy

As it turns out, Frank Ray served on the LCPD for ten years. He recently decided to yield his shield and begin his career as a professional country singer. Ray has released several real country covers including this Memorial Day tribute to our men and women in uniform. You have to think the Hag would’ve been pleased.

Time For The Prize

You’ve waited long enough. Let’s get to what you came for. Get ready to raise your eyebrows and sing along with the squad because you know for certain you “Should’ve Been A Cowboy.

What do you think? Got a winner here?

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Lip Sync Challenge - Las Cruces Police Department

Never one to back down from a good challenge, the Las Cruces Police Department has finally accepted the numerous requests to participate in the #LipSyncChallenge with this rendition of a ‘local’ favorite. Enjoy and PLEASE SHARE! On the Clock: Albuquerque Police Department and El Paso Police Department.#LipSync #LipSyncBattle #PoliceLipSync #PourSomeSugarOnMe #IFoughtTheLaw #Regulators #ShouldveBeenACowboy #FrankRay #LasCrucesPolice #CityofLasCruces #MountainsofOpportunities #CityofCrosses #TobyKeith #EasyMoney #VisitLasCruces #NewMexicoTrue

Posted by Las Cruces Police Department on Wednesday, July 25, 2018
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