You Can Now Eat Like Johnny & June In Nashville’s Newest Bar

You Can Now Eat Like Johnny & June In Nashville’s Newest Bar | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

Getty Images / John Greim/ Facebook / Johnny Cash

Nashville’s nightlife is bringing a new bar to town and country music fans everywhere can’t contain their excitement. The Man in Black is finally getting his own bar and restaurant in the heart of Broadway. Johnny Cash’s Kitchen and Saloon is set to open this spring, just in time for some warm weather sippin’.–Jniqn1m0bveaPceZkqtb6I3mzxlsY7SeU8Mt4T1X4AHD-mnWAIitPtrtZeNnMHVf7SKF2TFuXWsyr2WvHdelebYiGrRXAkqySphYELY6qt-x6TMTb05gIRGldpw8hF8BRJXWdSbw3ZoHYUfFFPkC9kl38Tg94yE9vayPmBnpq5y5lxF0sYeQezqjJvMGSR0yog-W_0m3g-e-OMPAulbUYTO6pl4SMDezUmUBR0Qm2P7cieouFmhG1tGHFe5wiV97Ep-vZ390LOV8cCPkLb9FC3qiLJ7I-g8AHj2W7gNsxaBttNmMOVO4mO4rxt7N1io6upokApPCQEb6uOCKnhOkrk4ixlp4umz92E7FsmEbxYfHb19DMbdu7W7pr4umBQp-0ff8yH8DHLCeoK4_l6fCV-z2nHTWN9qhRF10bbS4G7hQyKfoj43UKPe5LTz8zAyZZ2sI4LpfmDRBqXtnXhHA3qlp379TPIrH6ebQUYV7UG6C1D3AEaqDm9pfzhVR1AgsFYKnxE&theater

Cash-inspired Cookin’

It’s no question that Johnny Cash has left a legendary mark on the music industry. While his name is plastered across Tennessee and even having his own museum in the historical town – Cash was one of the few artists who doesn’t have their own bar. Well, that’s all about to change!

Johnny Cash’s Kitchen and Saloon will be located next to the Johnny Cash Museum on 3rd Avenue South, off of Broadway. The 15,000 venue restaurant is set to be completely Cash and wife, June Carter-inspired, featuring an authentic, southern-based menu. The legend and his talented wife often welcomed guests into their house for home-cooked meals and social get-togethers.

The idea for the new eatery sprung from Icon Entertainment CEO Bill Miller – a family friend of the Cash’s and owner of several other venues in Nashville. Miller spoke about the project,

“The impression Johnny Cash left on Nashville is indelible, and this venture further confirms that his presence will be a dominant force here for many years to come.”

Paring up with the John R. Cash Trust, they hope this “unique venue” will “bring new life to the Cash family style of entertaining.”

They are collaborating with Nashville restaurant enthusiast, David Swett, the owner of the popular joint, Swett’s, to create the recipes as well as kitchen and menu design.

A Famed Street

Johnny Cash’s Kitchen and Saloon will be joining the array of Nashville venues that honor some of country music’s favorites. The new restaurant will be near Luke Bryan’s 32 Bridge Food + Drink and Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar. Not far from there are Dierks Bentley, Blake Shelton, and Flordia Georgia Line’s bars.

Getty Images / John Greim

We know where we’ll be spending all summer long.

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