Woman Breaks It Down To Charlie Daniels Hit In The Middle Of ‘Family Feud’

Woman Breaks It Down To Charlie Daniels Hit In The Middle Of ‘Family Feud’ | Classic Country Music Videos

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Was this on Family Feud or America’s Got Talent?!

When Family Feud host Steve Harvey was getting to know a little bit about each family member of the Nelson clan, he wasn’t expecting this!


Kari Nelson stood there holding a violin, “or fiddle, however you prefer,” as she described it. Earlier in the show, she told Steve that she played classical violin, but now, she wanted to “Bring the Devil down to Georgia a little bit.”

Shocked, Steve exclaimed, “You ain’t talkin’ ’bout Charlie Daniels?! That’s my jam!

She started playing Charlie Daniels’ song “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” and you can’t help but clap along with her! Kari is an amazing fiddle player and hits every note with ease. The entire audience seemed a little shocked, but loved every second of it!

Harvey’s reaction is the best though. His jaw dropped and at one point he pretended to play the fiddle himself!  After the song, he said, “You don’t understand! That’s the jam! That’s exactly how it sounds!

There’s no doubt that Kari has a new fan in Steve Harvey, along with anyone who watches this video!


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