Vince Gill Rocks Newborn Granddaughter In 2018 Home Video

Vince Gill Rocks Newborn Granddaughter In 2018 Home Video | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

Jenny Gill/Instagram

If you’ve ever had the joy of being a parent or a grandparent, you will know exactly what this feels like and it will hit you like a wall of emotion!

Vince Gill‘s daughter, Jenny Gill, welcomed her second child into the world on January 12th, 2018 and the whole family has been ecstatic since her arrival. Together, they have surely shared some of the most precious of moments as a family does when you have a brand new addition.

Taking to social media, Jenny has shared some very cute photos of newborn Everly, but this new video captures one of the baby’s very first moments and one she got to share with Grandpa Vince!

Sitting fireside in a rocking chair, Vince cradles his adorable and precious newborn granddaughter in his arms and gently rocks back and forth while feeding her a bottle.

You can hear Jenny in the background melt over this adorable moment and say, “Okay, here’s baby girl’s first bottle!”

Everly looks so peaceful as she coos and has her very first bottle with her grandpa. What a sight to see!

Watch Vince Gill’s treasured moment with his new granddaughter below and tell us if you have similar memories. 

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