Tanya Tucker’s Dog Kona Has Died

Tanya Tucker’s Dog Kona Has Died | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

Tanya Tucker / Instagram

Our thoughts and prayers are with country legend Tanya Tucker today as she mourns the loss of one of her family members.

While she is the proud mom to multiple dogs, she refers to her golden retriever Kona as “my love” in several posts, much like this photo of her and the pup in 2017.

Just a few weeks ago, Tucker took to Instagram to ask her fans for their prayers. Her beloved dog was ill and she was rushing him to the vet.

She captioned the video, “SOS. Prayers needed for Kona. We are rushing him to an emergency specialty vet clinic in Ontario, California. Please send your prayers our way. It would mean the world to us.”

In the video of Kona, she can be heard saying, “We’re about 20 miles away from the vet. His gums are still very, very white. His heart rate I think is about 89 beats per minute, but it’s very irregular.”

According to Barking Royalty, white gums are the easiest way to tell if your dog has a health problem. The site also says that pale gum color could indicate “heart problems, anemia, blood clotting disorder, kidney disease, internal bleeding, shock, rat poison, bloat, heavy metal poison, hypothermia, and cancer.”

Just a few days later, she gave an update saying, “My Kona after chemoradiation. He looks like a new man!!! ”

Sadly Kona was “called home,” as Tucker put it. On Friday (Nov. 8), the singer shared the sad news on Instagram.

“Posting with a heavy heart this week. God has called my Kona home,” she wrote. “He was bleeding internally again, and it was useless to keep putting him through it all. He tried his best, and I did too, but I held him in my arms, and now he’s sitting on the right side of the throne, wearing his little gold crown. God said he was a gift to me from him for almost 12 yrs. and now I was giving him back. He’ll be at the gate to meet me when it’s my time! A part of me went with him. I’ll never be the same. I want to thank all of my friends and fans for loving Kona and me. The outpouring of love and prayers hasn’t been taken lightly. Thank you — all my love.”

See her tribute to Kona below.

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