Tanya Tucker Mourns Death Of Beloved Horse, Says She’ll Never Be The Same

Tanya Tucker Mourns Death Of Beloved Horse, Says She’ll Never Be The Same | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Tanya Tucker’s horse, Ginnin Jessie, has died.

Tanya Tucker shared the news in a post made to social media. The post featured a photo of the singer alongside her horse and a caption that read, “I lost my sweet ol man last night. Ginnin Jessie (Jessie Rey’s son) a piece of me went with him and what remains will never be the same. Tears aren’t enough to show the kind of pain I feel,” Tanya wrote.

“I think of all the good times we had when we were both younger with not a care in the world, But just being together was enough,” the caption read. “He’ll walk through my dreams and we’ll be together once again. I love you Ginnin. You’re free now to run like the wind!!! Your best friend Tanya.”


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Tanya Tucker has long been known for her love of horses. The “Delta Dawn” singer got her first horse when she was just five years old, and caring for her pets helped her learn responsibility. Her childhood love for horses carried into adulthood with the singer often partnering with horse-related charities and causes.

In May 2023, Tanya partnered with Seen Through Horses Campaign to raise awareness for mental health programs involving horses.

“There’s nothing more calming and rewarding than climbing onto a saddle and taking a ride. I can’t imagine my life without horses – they’ve done more for me than I could ever do for them. I know for a fact that going on a ride or just being around them relieves anxiety and depression, so I’m honored to support my buddies at Horses for Mental Health and their Seen Through Horses Campaign,” Tanya shared.

Tanya Tucker mourns the loss of her horse Ginnin Jessie

In 1995, Tanya Tucker sat down with TNN to talk about her love of horses and details her love for Jessie Rey, Ginnin Jessie’s father. Watch the interview below.

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