Mark Chesnutt Shares Discouraging News While Recovering From Surgery

Mark Chesnutt Shares Discouraging News While Recovering From Surgery | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Mark Chesnutt has taken a few months off of performing so he can recover from surgery. The “Bubba Shot the Jukebox” singer underwent “urgent” back surgery on July 22, and had to cancel some shows as a result:

“I’ve been suffering with this for a very long time, and postponed as long as I could,’ Chesnutt said. “When the doctor says: ‘you have no choice,’ you have no choice!  I hate to get off the road, just as the venues opened back up. I was really looking forward to this year! I appreciate the support and understanding from my fans, and I’ll see you all real soon.”

While Chesnutt was recovery from the operation, he tested positive for COVID-19. He revealed this news on August 15:

Just wanted to give everyone a little update,” Chesnutt said. “I am currently on the mend from my back surgery. But, while doing so my wife Tracie and I have tested positive for Covid-19! Thank you all for the continuous prayers!”

Thankfully, Chesnutt seemed to make a full recovery from COVID-19. He is also feeling better after his surgery, and is anxious to get back on the road.

In an update on September 13, Chesnutt said he “had a great check up” with his doctor. Based on the check up, Chesnutt said he’d be back on the road soon.

…he is telling me based on my recovery that I can get back on the road at the end of September. We will be in Youngsville, LA at Route 92 Oct 1 then Winnie TX on Oct 2! Looking forward to seeing y’all out there!”

However, Chesnutt has now canceled those two shows, as well as four others.

In a new update he shared on Thursday (September 23), Chesnutt said his doctor “is recommending that [he] not go back out for a few more weeks.”

He then listed the six shows that he had to cancel. You can see that complete list by reading Chesnutt’s post below.

As long as Chesnutt gets the all-clear from his doctor, his next show back will be on October 14 at the Austin County Fairgrounds in Bellville, Texas. We’ll be praying for his continued recovery so he can get back to doing what he loves!

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