LeAnn Rimes Covers Vince Gill’s Grammy-Winning Song “When I Call Your Name”

LeAnn Rimes Covers Vince Gill’s Grammy-Winning Song “When I Call Your Name” | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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LeAnn Rimes Offers A Lady’s Take On Vince Gill’s “When I Call Your Name”

In 2011, LeAnn Rimes released her most unique album to date. Titled Lady & Gentlemen, the album featured Rimes’ renditions of famous country hits, all previously made famous by male artists.

Rimes took the songs and performed them from a female’s perspective. Because of this, she often changed the lyrics to fit her voice, as she did with her rendition of John Anderson’s “Swingin’.”

LeAnn Rimes worked with Vince Gill on her cover album Lady & Gentlemen
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The creative album was co-produced by Rimes. She also had a little help from another country star.

It turns out that Vince Gill also served as one of the record’s co-producers. Since Gill got involved, it only made sense for Rimes to cover a song of his. She picked one of his best.

She Reinvented One Of Vince’s Classics

We’re talking about “When I Call Your Name.” Co-written by Gill, the song dropped  in 1990 and climbed to the second spot on the Hot Country Songs chart. Gill won  a Grammy Award for his performance.

After decades, “When I Call Your Name” remains a country fan-favorite. That’s why it can be challenging for other artists to take it on, but Rimes was up for it.

Instead of keeping the song in the exact same style as Gill’s original, Rimes opted to give it more of a blues-infused tone. Such a style seems fitting, since the song serves as the narrator’s reflection after discovering their lover has left them.

As the years have passed, Rimes has never shied away from changing the style of classics to make them something new. She’s even done so with her own songs, reimagining hits such as “One Way Ticket” and “Blue.”

Listen To LeAnn Rimes Sing Vince Gill’s “When I Call Your Name” In The Video Below

While Rimes’ rendition of “When I Call Your Name” may be blusey, it’s anything but subdued. It does have its more gentle moments, but the track also serves as a springboard for Rimes to showcase her powerful range.

She shows hints of these powerhouse moments as she sings the verses, but the real kicker comes when she hits the chorus. As you listen, you’ll be dazzled by how she uses the power of her voice to convey the deep and painful emotions buried within the song.

Go ahead and check out the full audio clip for Rimes’ version of “When I Call Your Name” below. You know that it has Gill’s stamp of approval, since he co-produced the record!

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