Kelly Clarkson Joins Dolly Parton For Impromptu “I Will Always Love You” Duet

Kelly Clarkson Joins Dolly Parton For Impromptu “I Will Always Love You” Duet | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

The Kelly Clarkson Show / YouTube

When Dolly Parton appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show, she joined Clarkson to sing “9 to 5” during the show’s “Kellyoke” segment. The duo previously released an updated rendition of the song in September 2022.

Their performance opened with Clarkson singing “9 to 5” in line with their newer arrangement. They switched back to the song’s original style once Parton joined in.

Once the song ended, Clarkson expressed her admiration for Parton by bowing to her while the crowd cheered.

But that wasn’t the only duet Parton and Clarkson performed on the show.

After they sat down, Clarkson asked Parton about the history behind another one of her songs, “I Will Always Love You.” As you’re likely well-aware, the song was re-recorded by the late Whitney Houston. Her rendition is the sixth best-selling single in history.

Clarkson asked Parton how she reacted when she heard Houston’s version of the song for the first time. Parton said. “I was driving my car from downtown where my office was…back to my house over in Brentwood. And I was just driving along…I had the radio on and I just heard this ‘If I, should stay.'”

Parton said once the song got to the part where Houston hits that iconic note (you know which one) she “freaked out.”

I had to pull over to the side…” Parton said. “It was the most overwhelming feeling.”

Parton then complimented Clarkson’s rendition of “I Will Always Love You,” which she performed at the ACM Awards in 2022.

Parton told Clarkson, “Whitney, she would have been so proud of you, cause I felt like she was watching…you absolutely killed it…seriously it was incredible.” Clarkson got emotional as she took in everything Parton had to say.

Then, Clarkson’s crew put a prompt on the teleprompter asking if the two of them could sing “I Will Always Love You” together. Clarkson didn’t know if she was up for it. So Parton said she’d sing lead, and asked if Clarkson would be willing to sing harmony.

Clarkson agreed to the idea. The pair ended up delivering a short, but sweet performance of the song, and did so a cappella.

You can watch Parton and Clarkson’s “I Will Always Love You” duet below. It was so magical!

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