Introducing Marie Osmond’s 8 Children

Introducing Marie Osmond’s 8 Children | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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In the 1960s, the world was introduced to Marie Osmond. When she was just four years old, she made her debut on The Andy Williams Show as part of her brothers’ act, The Osmond Brothers, in 1964.

The only girl in a family of nine siblings, Marie definitely made a mark on show business and signed to MGM/Kobel Records, making many concert appearances alongside her brothers. Her musical style was more country than pop. In 1973, Osmond released with her single, “Paper Roses,” which went to number one on the charts just one week after she turned 14.

Marie continued to release music, star on Broadway, as well as host her own variety show with her brother Donny, for the next few decades. In 2007, Donny and Marie signed on for a six-week Las Vegas residency at the Flamingo Hotel, which ended up turning into an eleven-year run. Marie is now a co-host on the daytime talk show The Talk.

Despite all her career accolades, Marie is also a proud mother. She married Stephen Lyle Craig in 1982 and they had a son named Stephen. After she and her husband divorced in 1985, Marie married Brian Blosil on October 28, 1986. Together, they had two children, Rachael and Matthew, and they adopted five – Jessica, Michael, Brandon, Brianna, and Abigail.

In March of 2007, Marie and Brian announced they were getting a divorce and on May 4, 2001, she remarried her first husband Stephen while wearing the same dress from their 1982 ceremony.

Let’s introduce you to Marie’s eight children!

Stephen James Craig – Born April 20, 1983

Marie’s eldest son, Stephen married his wife Claire and they have three boys of their own.

Before he was a father of three, Stephen ventured into the music business himself and released an EP in 2014. Proud mom Marie shared the excitement with her followers.

Jessica Marie Blosil – Born December 17, 1987

In April of 2009, Marie publicly supported her daughter Jessica, who had just come out as gay. In a post on June 7, 2019, Marie announced that Jessica married her partner Sara and said, “I could not love the two of you more.”

Rachael Lauren Blosil – Born August 19, 1989

Some say Rachael is the spitting image of her famous mama, and we don’t disagree!

Rachael and her husband, Gabriel, are now parents to two children – a daughter and son – and Marie loves to give them special shoutouts on social media.

Michael Bryan Blosil – Born May 4, 1991, died February 26, 2010

Marie’s son Michael was born on her beloved mother’s birthday, making May 4 extra special to her.

Sadly, at the age of 18, on February 26, 2010, Michael ended his own life after suffering from years of bullying.

She spoke about his suicide on The Talk in 2019 saying, “I have never spoken about this before, but my son, who died, he was bullied. He was bullied very heavily right up until the time that he committed suicide, because of his sobriety.”

Brandon Warren Blosil – Born November 1996

Brandon has also ventured into music, but a very different genre than what his mother is known for. As of 2018, Brandon played bass in a metal core band called Navarre.

Brianna Patricia Blosil – Born November 19, 1997

Brianna married her husband David and they have one daughter together. They are currently awaiting the arrival of their second daughter!

Marie documented the birth of Brianna’s first child, Maude Bailey-Moon Schwep, who was in the hospital after she was born.

Maude has been doing well since then and is now ready to be a big sister!

Matthew Richard Blosil – Born July 6, 1998

The second youngest of Marie’s children, Matthew is very musical, too! Though not a singer, Matthew has traveled far and wide as a skilled saxophonist with his school band!

He’s performed at Carnegie Hall and on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, just to name a few.

Abigail Olive May Blosil – Born September 5, 2002

The youngest of Marie’s children, Abigail finished her senior year of high school in 2020, when most schools in the country had gone remote. Marie was proud of her, even though she wasn’t able to participate in normal “senior” things like prom, grad night, and even graduation.

Marie even gifted her daughter with cute toilet paper earrings to always remember this time!

Marie is a proud mom to all her eight children and her grandkids! We love seeing her post about her family.

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