Iconic ‘Gone With The Wind’ Mansion Going On Sale Soon

Iconic ‘Gone With The Wind’ Mansion Going On Sale Soon | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Soon, you could own an important piece of literary and cinematic history, and the cost may not set you back as much as you’d think.

Known as one of the most iconic films of all time, Gone with the Wind was released in 1939. One of the main settings in the film is the Twelve Oaks Plantation, which serves as the home of Ashley Wilkes’ family.

Margaret Mitchell, who wrote the book the film was based on, described the mansion on the plantation as being a “beautiful white-columned house that crowned the hill like a Greek Temple.”

But here’s the thing…the exterior shots you see of the “mansion” in the film aren’t real. During those times, filmmakers would use matte paintings for such shots, which is what they did in Gone with the Wind.

In fact, most of the movie was filmed on a studio backlot, so the majority of the physical sets you see were actually built in a studio someplace. Some filming was done on location in a couple California counties, but no filming was ever actually done in the South.

That means there is no real Southern mansion that was used in the movie that you can go see. But there was a real Southern mansion that inspired Mitchell’s depiction of Twelve Oaks Plantation, and it’s still standing today.

The home that Mitchell based Twelve Oaks on is located in the historic city of Covington, Georgia. Available for sale via auction, the impressive structure was recently renovated and boasts a number of luxurious features.

Here are just a few details about it:

  • 12 bedrooms, 12 1/2 bathrooms
  • 10,000+ square feet, including porches and gardens
  • A chef’s kitchen
  • A pool
  • Historic gazebo with chandelier
  • 12 remote controlled fireplaces
  • 4 car carriage house
  • Grand dining room can seat up to 40
  • 3 laundry rooms
  • Intercom system

As we mentioned earlier, the house is going on sale through an auction, which starts soon. Online bidding begins on July 4, and the in-person auction will take place at the property on July 25 at 2PM.

The starting bid is actually much lower than you’d think…$1 million. Considering the historic significance of the house, you’d think the starting bid would be much higher!

If you’re interested in learning more about the auction, you can check out all the details right here.

Whoever ends up winning this house can certainly consider themselves lucky, because it’s gorgeous!

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