Hilary Williams Describes Her Near-Death Experience & Trip To Heaven

Hilary Williams Describes Her Near-Death Experience & Trip To Heaven | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Hilary Williams, The Granddaughter Of Hank Williams & Daughter Of Hank Williams Jr., Gets Vulnerable About Her Near-Death Experience

Hilary Williams has country music in her blood. Her grandfather was the legendary Hank Williams, who died on January 1, 1953 at the age of 29. Her father is Hank Williams Jr.

Hilary never got to meet her grandfather Hank, or her grandmother, Audrey Williams.

NASHVILLE - 1949: The Williams family Left to Right Audrey Williams, Lycretia Williams, Hank Williams Jr and Hank Williams Sr pose for a portrait in 1949 in Nashville Tennessee.
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But Hilary did get the chance to grow up with her maternal grandmother in her life. She passed away in 2006, when Hilary was 27 years old.

Hilary was driving her younger sister, Holly, to their grandmother’s funeral in March 2006. They were sharing memories of happier times, when their lives suddenly changed in an instant.

Hilary & Holly Williams Were Involved In A Terrifying Car Crash

Women’s World recalls how Hilary looked down at her iPod for a split second. In that moment, her truck hit some ruts on the side of the country road they were driving down.

Hilary jerked the wheel, and the truck did a full 360-degree spin. It flipped four times, and eventually landed on its side.

Hilary was dangling by her seatbelt, and was trapped behind the steering wheel. She recalls saying, “God, send your angels to help us!

In that moment, a group of people passing by stopped to help Hilary and Holly. Paramedics arrived 45 minutes later, and freed the two women from the mangled truck.

Hilary Describes Her Near-Death Experience, Says She Saw Hank & Audrey

Hilary was loaded onto a stretcher. Then, she recalls seeing a glowing figure in a white gown, who appeared by her side. The figure, who she assumed was an angel, said, “It’s time to go.

In that moment, Hilary felt an overwhelming sense of peace and comfort. She recalls seeing photos from her 27 years of life playing out in front of her like a slideshow.

She then saw a bright, stunning light, and was led to a mansion of gold and diamonds. There, she met various loved ones who passed away, including grandpa Hank and grandma Audrey.

NASHVILLE - CIRCA 1948: Hank Williams and Audrey Williams pose for a portrait circa 1949 in Nashville Tennessee.
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Hilary also recalls hearing the sound of beautiful music playing.

She thought to herself, “I never want to leave.” But Hank and Audrey wrapped her up in an embrace, as if they were telling her it wasn’t time for her to stay with them.

Then Hilary’s eyes opened. She was being cared for by two nurses, who were surprised to see her awake.

Hilary later learned just how severe her injuries were. She broke her pelvis, back, hips, and leg, and her colon ruptured. Women’s World explains how she underwent 30 surgeries over the course of the next five years.

Holly was in better shape, as she suffered a broken arm and a few other injuries that were not life-threatening.

Holly and Hilary Williams
Hilary Williams / Instagram

Hilary is now approaching her 45th birthday, and doing well. She used to be afraid of death, but no longer carries that fear.

“I want everyone to know that God is with us, Heaven is real and it’s a place of love so deep, no words can describe it. There’s no pain, only peace and joy—so no matter what happens in life, we shouldn’t fear!” she said.

We’re so relieved that Hilary pulled through and is still with us today! 

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