Heartbroken LeAnn Rimes Mourns Death Of Beloved Person In Her Life

Heartbroken LeAnn Rimes Mourns Death Of Beloved Person In Her Life | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Someone Special Changed LeAnn Rimes’ Life

A lot of people play a role in shaping a child’s life. From parents, to friends, to neighbors, every person a child encounters has the chance to influence them for better or worse.

Of course, since children spend a large portion of their lives in school, their teachers also play a pivotal role in their lives.

As kids, it seems we all find ourselves having a “favorite” teacher, whether it be our high school choir director or one of our elementary school teachers. Sometimes, this special bond between teacher and student carries over for years, even well into adulthood.

That’s the exact type of relationship that country singer LeAnn Rimes shared with her first grade teacher, Mrs. Louise Chaney.

Meet LeAnn’s Beloved Teacher

In an emotional post on Instagram, Rimes gushed about the type of role that Mrs. Chaney played in her life. It turns out that she was impacting her long before she was ever in her class, as she taught both her mother and father when they were in the ninth grade.

By the time Rimes joined her class as a first grader, it didn’t take long for the little girl to learn to appreciate the teacher who let her have the freedom to express herself.

She allowed me to write in cursive when we were still learning how to print. Printing wasn’t as pretty and interesting enough for me,” she wrote.

Rimes’ appreciation for her first grade teacher lasted long after she left school. She explained that through the years, the two of them had continued to keep in touch.

The singer accompanied her touching post with an old photo of her and Mrs. Chaney together, and it’s as precious as can be.


Some Sad News To Share

But there’s a heartbreaking reason behind Rimes’ reflection. As she revealed toward the end of her post, her beloved teacher just passed away.

Rather than dwell in sadness for long, Rimes shared the joy she felt knowing that Mrs. Chaney “is now with her equally as wonderful husband out in the ethers, holding him again.”

Rimes wrapped up her post with a message to all teachers, past and present. She wants them to know that their actions do make a difference, and that their students will remember them.

We’re sorry to hear about Mrs. Chaney’s passing. From Rimes’ post, we can tell that she was someone truly special. Our hearts go out to her family, friends, former students, and all who loved her.

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