Hank Jr. Says Minnie Pearl Told Him He Is “Exactly” Like His Father

Hank Jr. Says Minnie Pearl Told Him He Is “Exactly” Like His Father | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Hank Williams was a legendary country singer. But despite his fame and impact on country music, we don’t know much about him…especially since he left this world at such a young age.

Hank’s son, Hank Williams Jr., was just a child when his dad passed away. Because of this, Hank Jr. got to know his dad through stories told to him by other people.

He shared one of those stories during an interview with Kix Brooks of Brooks & Dunn in 2015. Hank Jr. started off by talking about how much he loves music and hunting. He said his father shared the same passions.

Hank knew this fact about his dad because of a story Hee Haw star Minnie Pearl told him years ago. According to Minnie, Hank Sr. surprisingly didn’t like to talk about music. But he was always happy to talk about his hunting trips and his beloved squirrel dog.

Hank Jr. recalls Minnie telling him that he was “exactly” like his father in that regard. Guess you could call it a “Family Tradition” of sorts.

Watch Hank Jr.’s full interview with Kix in the clip below. We love hearing him share stories about his dad!

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