George Jones’ Widow Tells Jason Aldean Critics To “Stop This Woke Crap”

George Jones’ Widow Tells Jason Aldean Critics To “Stop This Woke Crap” | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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George Jones’ widow, Nancy, issued a statement regarding the Jason Aldean controversy and share how she thought her husband would feel about the controversy.

A new voice has entered the conversation regarding Jason Aldean’s new song and music video. Nancy Jones, wife of the late George Jones, wrote a statement on Facebook Friday (July 21). In the post, Jones didn’t mince words as she defended Jason, his song, and small town country people.

“Don’t we live in America?? I have been watching all this craziness over Jason Aldean and his song/video. What is this drama all about? George had songs that crossed barriers as well as Loretta (The Pill) and so many others,” Nancy wrote. “This woke culture has gone too far. Jason’s song has nothing to do with race! Jason is a good guy!”

She reminded readers that her late husband played many small town concerts and loved small towns and the “country people” that live there.

“Everywhere in America we can probably look back and something bad has happened in that city. What? Are we supposed to stop living our lives until we do a history check on every place we shoot a photo or video?” she wrote before saying, “Stop this WOKE crap! George would never have accepted this craziness and I won’t either!”

Jason Aldean is a lifelong fan of George Jones, even shouting out the singer in his 2010 hit “Dirt Road Anthem.” In 2012, Aldean told The Boot about his affection for Jones during a Nashville Grammy pre-party.

“He’s one of the legends. Any time you get a chance to hang out with one of those guys, even if it’s just for a few minutes, that’s a pretty cool deal in my book. It was good to see him again and it looked like he was feeling good. I got to say hello to his wife, Nancy, too. I think she’s pretty amazing,” Aldean said at the time.

Jason Aldean came under fire upon the July 14 release of his music video for “Try That In A Small Town.”

“Try That In A Small Town” was released in May as a single for Jason Aldean’s upcoming 11th studio album. At the time, Aldean wrote, “To me, this song summarizes the way a lot of people feel about the world right now. It seems like there are bad things happening on a daily basis, and that feels unfamiliar to a lot of us. This song sheds some light on that.”

The song’s lyrics drew comparisons between big cities and small towns and condemns riots and other crimes often seen in cities. “Try That In A Small Town” didn’t receive much attention until the release of the accompanying music video.

The video for “Try That In A Small Town” was filmed in front of the Maury County Courthouse in Columbia, Tennessee, a location of numerous instances of riots and racial violence, including the lynching of a black teenager in 1927, per historical documents. The revelation of the above information led some to criticize Jason Aldean and accuse him of racism, vigilanteism, and white nationalism.

Read about Jason’s response to the backlash at the link below.


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