Garth Brooks To Release New Single “Rodeo Man” With Ronnie Dunn

Garth Brooks To Release New Single “Rodeo Man” With Ronnie Dunn | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Set to release on November 6, Garth Brooks and Ronnie Dunn join forces for an iconic duet for Garth’s new album.

Why opt for just one iconic ’90s cowboy when you can have the dynamic duo of both?

Shortly after announcing the details of his 14th studio album, Time Traveler, Garth Brooks is all set to drop his latest single, “Rodeo Man,” featuring Brooks & Dunn singer Ronnie Dunn on Monday, November 6th. The single will have its worldwide debut and be sent to make an impact on country radio that same day.

It will be exclusively available for digital download on Amazon. If you don’t have a Prime account or aren’t planning to purchase Garth’s new 7-disc boxed set, “The Limited Series,” your best bet to catch it is tuning in to your local FM station.


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The exclusive release of “The Limited Series” box set is scheduled for November 7th, available only at Bass Pro Shops. Time to get your CD players ready, folks! “The Limited Series” encompasses “Man Against Machine,” “Gunslinger,” “Fun,” and the three-disc “Triple Live.” This marks the third and ultimate installment of “The Limited Series,” with the two previous editions released in 1998 and 2005.

Garth Brook's 7-disc box set of "Limited Series."
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You can pre-order the set here!

Garth’s new track, “Rodeo Man” will be featured on his upcoming album Time Traveler, which is produced by Garth Brooks himself. The song was co-written by Ronnie Dunn and Phil O’Donnell, and when discussing the album as a whole, Garth Brooks said:

“There are a lot of different eras on this album, thus the name. Country music’s core is sincerity, after that, you can dress it up a thousand different ways. I am so lucky to live under the flag of Country Music.”

The release will also coincide with the opening of Garth Brooks Nashville bar, Friends in Low Places, which will kick off with the Friends In Low Places Bar & Honky-Tonk Dive Bar Concert on Black Friday.

See Garth talk about the exciting event below!

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