Elvis Presley’s Close Friend Details His Struggle With Relationships

Elvis Presley’s Close Friend Details His Struggle With Relationships | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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One of the biggest heartthrobs in worldwide popular culture, Elvis Presley was a sex symbol and a man known for pushing the boundaries of what was acceptable on-stage in that era.

Because of this, he had many million admirers who flocked to his concerts and utter hordes of women screaming his name no matter where he went.

According to Billy & Jo Smith, Elvis Presley’s cousin and his wife, both very close friends of his – his infatuation with women matched theirs of him.

Responding to the question if Elvis could have ever just have been with one woman, Jo responded in line with Billy with a resounding, “No, never.” 

“He was happy with one,” she said on their son’s YouTube channel. “While he was with that one. And it didn’t mean that he didn’t love each one of them – because he did.”

The two then spoke about his love of women – all women, saying “he just loved women.” And explaining how he liked to keep his options open.

“He was just not the type to be with one woman. He didn’t put all his eggs in one basket. He was just that way.”

But while he loved the women he was with and they loved him – due to his lifestyle, he would often leave a trail of broken hearts.

“Being with him, I’m sure to the women – I’m sure they loved him,” Jo continued. “But it was not easy. It was hard – it had to be heartbreaking.”

Watch the full video below from The Memphis Mafia Kid and let us know what you think. 

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