Elvis Gets Up Close & Steamy With Beautiful Costar In Sensual Scene

Elvis Gets Up Close & Steamy With Beautiful Costar In Sensual Scene | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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The talent of Elvis Presley is one that comes along but once in lifetime. While known mainly for his iconic career in music, the singer’s talent knew no bounds. Showcasing one of many gifts, the King of Rock and Roll starred in multiple films beloved my many throughout his career.

The 1963 film It Happened at the World’s Fair starred Elvis in the role of Mike Edwards, a cropdusting pilot from Seattle, Washington. Visiting one of his many love interests in the film, Mike and a beautiful brunette named Dorothy get up close in personal on the living room couch.

“Maybe later Shirley,” Mike said to Dorothy when she asked if he would like a glass of tea, the pilot clearly having a different activity on his mind.

“I am Dorothy,” said the confused woman after he called her Shirley.

“Oh well to me you’ll always be Shirley, the Greek Goddess of Beauty,” he said in attempt to cover up his mistake.

Not sold by his cover up, pointing out Aphrodite is the actual Goddess of Beauty, Dorothy gets up from the couch to make them iced tea. However, the handsome pilot cornered her in route to the kitchen, singing a sultry song titled “Relax” in an attempt to win her over.

You can watch the memorable scene below!

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