Elvis & Frank Sinatra Sing Mash-Up Of “Witchcraft” + “Love Me Tender”

Elvis & Frank Sinatra Sing Mash-Up Of “Witchcraft” + “Love Me Tender” | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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It isn’t often that you come across two legends from different genres singing together – but in this rare performance, crooner Frank Sinatra is joined by a young Elvis Presley for a spectacular production.

While Elvis would go on to become the “King Of Rock N’ Roll,” his career in the United States took a break when he was drafted into the Army and sent to West Germany. He opted out of special treatment which gained him the respect of many Americans who had previously seen him as a menace to society with his hip-swinging dance moves and rock-n-roll music.


One critic of Elvis’ was none other than Ol’ Blue Eyes himself. He embodied class and was the epitome of a refined gentleman – so naturally, Sinatra did not like rock n’ roll. Still, he agreed to welcome Elvis back from his deployment on his variety show. The two came together for one of the most swoon-worthy performances in music history.

The mega-stars exchanged songs with Elvis singing Sinatra’s famous hit “Witchcraft” and Sinatra taking on the bluesy ballad, “Love Me Tender.” You could hear the ladies in the audience scream with excitement as Elvis came in strong and began singing, “those fingers in my hair…” smiling his signature smirk.

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Sinatra added his own smooth, jazzy spin to Elvis’ hit and the two performers kept sending lighthearted jokes and jabs to each other. As their timeless voices came together at the end of the performance – Sinatra even commented on their harmonizing saying, “Man that’s pretty.”

The performance has become part of American history and is a true sign of the times. With two different generations and styles coming together, even Sinatra had to admit, “We work in the same way, only in different areas.”

So if you are a history lover or a music lover, or you just want to watch two handsome men with gorgeous voices singing together – check out the full video below and get ready to fall head-over-heels for these legends.

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