CMA Awards 1993: Reba McEntire Looks Back On Her Iconic Red Dress

CMA Awards 1993: Reba McEntire Looks Back On Her Iconic Red Dress | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Celebrated actress and country music sensation Reba delves into the details behind her legendary red gown worn at the 1993 Country Music Association Awards.

Thirty years ago, the fiery-haired country sensation made a sizzling statement at the 27th annual Country Music Association Awards when she donned a red-hot dress, igniting a whirlwind of attention at the prestigious event. McEntire reflects on that bold fashion choice, deeming it “granny stuff” compared to today’s audaciously sexy award show looks. In the context of the more conservative country music scene of the 1990s, the low-cut gown pushed boundaries, particularly for someone seen as America’s sweetheart, like McEntire. 

Recalling those days, the five-time CMA award winner and 51-time nominee playfully admits, “I was pretty, you know, straight-laced, and I’m sure it shocked everybody that I would do a low dress. It was pretty scandalous for me.” As she anticipates the upcoming CMA Awards ceremony, she reflects on her daring style evolution in a recent interview with Yahoo Entertainment‘s Lyndsey Parker.

Take a look back on the exemplary performance at the 1993 CMA Awards!

McEntire shared that her initial intention wasn’t to don such a daring gown on that memorable evening at the Grand Ole Opry House, where she delivered a stunning performance of “Does He Love You” alongside Linda Davis. Sandi Spika Borchetta, a seasoned costumer from Nashville, crafted the dress. She currently holds the position of Executive Vice President of Creative at Big Machine Label Group. Spika had assured McEntire that the final design would be notably more modest.

“The story was Sandi Spika had made it for me and we had had one fitting at the office. And I said, ‘Now, Sandy, you are going fill this in here, aren’t you?’ She said, ‘Oh, yeah, yeah, we’ll fill in. It’ll be real sparkly.’ I said, ‘Great,’” McEntire explains. “So, we were at the Grand Ole Opry House and I tried it on, and I looked in the mirror and I said, ‘Sandy, this is still really low-cut!’ She said, ‘Oh, I think it’s the lighting in here.”’

“When we got back to the office after the show, Daddy walked up to me and asked me if I’d had the dress on backwards.”

Reba Says She Has No Regrets

Although her beautiful vocals weren’t the only thing fans were raving about that night, the country legend says she looks back on the iconic ensemble without remorse. When the interviewer asked Reba if she had any regrets about wearing the red dress, she insisted that she didn’t. In fact, she not only still has the dress, but it fits perfectly to this day.

“As a matter of fact, I wore it when I think Kelly Clarkson and I did “Does He Love You” on the CMAs a few years ago.”

Reba Brings Back the 90s

Reba transported the audience back to the 1990s as she once again graced the stage in her legendary red dress while performing alongside Kelly Clarkson at the ACM Awards in 2018. To no surprise, it was announced that the two of them would sing McEntire’s original duet with Linda Davis, “Does He Love You.” And it wasn’t the first time McEntire and Clarkson performed the song together. They had been delighting audiences with their rendition for years, consistently earning resounding applause.

Kelly Clarkson and Reba McEntire attend the 53rd Academy of Country Music Awards.
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Reba’s red dress remains etched in the annals of fashion and music history. This dazzling gown not only showcased her undeniable charisma but also symbolized her confidence and prowess as a trailblazing figure in both the entertainment and country music industries.

Watch Reba talk more about her dress below!

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