Andy Griffith & Elvis Presley Did A Cowboy Comedy Skit Together In 1956

Andy Griffith & Elvis Presley Did A Cowboy Comedy Skit Together In 1956 | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Back in the day, Elvis Presley made several appearances on TV. One notable appearance was on The Steve Allen Show. Television host and comedian Steve Allen was really into jazz music and as a result, not the biggest fan of rock and roll. Since he didn’t care for rock and roll he especially didn’t care for Presley and his music, which was shaping the genre.

As a result of his distaste for the King, he dressed Presley in a tuxedo and made him sing “Hound Dog” to a real-live basset hound.

The joke was supposed to be humiliating and Allen didn’t stop there.

In addition to disliking rock and roll, there was another genre of music that Allen wasn’t a fan of – country-western.

In the same episode, Presley took part in another skit that paired him with future television legend Andy Griffith.

Both Griffith and Presley performed a skit called “Range Roundup.” Actress Imogene Coca and Allen himself completed the hilarious ensemble poking fun at the country lifestyle.

In the bit, Allen introduces his pals “Rattlesnake Griffith” and “Tumbleweed Presley.” The four of them proceed to promote the sponsor of “Range Roundup,” Tonto Bars, a candy bar that Allen says, “comes out of the Old West and right into your old mouth.” Presley even blurts out, “Dentists recommend Tonto Bars because tests prove that Tonto Bars cause more cavities than any other candy bar.”

After poorly promoting the candy bar, the four of them wrap up the skit with a song. Watch it in the video below.

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