Wynonna Judd Stops Show, Tells Crowd, “I Am Really Dizzy”

Wynonna Judd Stops Show, Tells Crowd, “I Am Really Dizzy” | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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A very scary moment took place this past weekend during Wynonna Judds’ Judds Final Tour stop in Ohio. Wynonna is currently on the extended part of her tour, which she was supposed to do with her mother, the late Naomi Judd. She continued with the tour – and added special guests – to continue to honor her mother’s legacy.


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Wynonna played in Ohio, speciafically Ervin J. Nutter Center, Fairborn, OH, USA  with Little Big Town and Martina McBride when something pretty scary happened! In between songs, Wynonna, stopped the show and said, “Hang on a second. Hang on a second. I am really dizzy. Could somebody come up here please?”

A crew member appeared on stage immediately to give her a hand. She was determined to power through, saying, “Yeah. I’m really dehydrated. I’m having a hard time, so hang on a second… I’m just really dizzy. This has never happened before, so of course it would happen in Ohio.”

The crowd laughed at her joke and cheered her on for continuing her set. As the crew member was trying to take her off stage, Wynonna told him, “No, no no. You know what? If I faint, just take a lot of pictures, okay?”

Without hesitation, she jumped into an acoustic rendition of “Mama He’s Crazy.” Two crew members tried to get her to sit on a stool, but she said, “Screw the stool!”

According to fans in the comments section, Wynonna suffers from vertigo, so the dehydration would definitely make her dizziness worse! She is such a pro, though, and knows the phrase “the show must go on,” all too well.

Watch the video below.

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