Update On Statler Brothers’ Jimmy Fortune After Heart Surgery

Update On Statler Brothers’ Jimmy Fortune After Heart Surgery | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Jimmy Fortune is a beloved country and gospel singer most well-known for serving as the tenor vocalist for the Statler Brothers. He was with the group from 1982 until they retired in 2002.

Fortune later went on to experience success as a solo artist, releasing songs such as “My Only Love” and “I Believe.”

The 67-year-old singer just performed at the Grand Ole Opry on February 7 with the group Brothers of the Heart. Other members include Ben Isaacs, Bradley Walker, and Mike Rogers.

Just days later, Fortune’s team shared the news on his official Facebook page that “some concerning areas were found” when he went in for a test on his heart. Fortune’s team said he was scheduled to undergo bypass surgery:

He now will have bypass surgery on Wednesday [February 15] to create new routes for his blood to his heart. He is incredibly positive and we have met with his surgeon and feel great about his care!” the team’s post read.

Fortune unfortunately had to cancel his upcoming shows so he can take time to rest. But he hopes to be back to performing as soon as he feels better.

Fortune’s team shared an update on Wednesday (February 15) after his operation. They said:

“Jimmy has been moved to recovery. He had a quintuple bypass surgery today and the surgeon was very pleased with his procedure. He still has a long road ahead of him but we are so thankful to God, his family, and friends who have prayed and watched over him.”

Fortune’s team said “he looks really good” after his surgery. They asked his fans to please keep praying for him to have a quick recovery.

Read the update from Fortune’s team below.

We’ll certainly be keeping Fortune in our prayers. Hopefully we’ll see him back onstage soon!

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