Toby Keith Shares One-Of-A-Kind Advice To Songwriters

Toby Keith Shares One-Of-A-Kind Advice To Songwriters | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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In a new video shared on social media, Toby Keith offered his timeless advice for aspiring songwriters, based on his extensive experience in the country music world.

The video’s caption reads, “A little advice for all the songwriters out there…”

“Most advice I have for songwriters would be to just toll away every day. Most of my catalog was written at a time when I was writing at least four or five days a week, so you got to have volume, you got to have practice, you got to keep your chops up, and you got to stay in the middle of the game.”


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Toby Keith’s brilliance as a songwriter shines through his ability to craft emotionally resonant and relatable lyrics, capturing the essence of life’s experiences with authenticity and a distinctive storytelling flair.

Keith earlier emphasized the importance of positioning oneself in the optimal environment for aspiring songwriters and musicians – Nashville, Tennessee.

Toby Keith Won An Award For Being An Exceptional Songwriter

Toby Keith received the BMI Icon Award at the 70th Annual BMI Country Awards in November 2022. The legendary country artist was bestowed with this honor in recognition of his prolific music career and remarkable songwriting contributions to the world of country music.

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Renowned for chart-toppers such as “Should’ve Been a Cowboy,” “I Love This Bar,” and “Don’t Let the Old Man In,” Toby Keith’s impact on the genre is celebrated through this well-deserved accolade.

According to BMI, the esteemed Icon Award is given to exceptional songwriters in recognition of their “unique and indelible influence on generations of music makers.” 

In receiving this award, Keith joined an impressive list of Country legends, including Loretta Lynn, Willie Nelson, Hank Williams, Jr., Merle Haggard, and more.

Toby Keith Previously Shared Insights Into His Songwriting 

Toby Keith, having reached the pinnacle of recognition for a BMI-affiliated songwriter, boasts a remarkable track record with over 30 No. 1 singles since his debut record in 1993 and a consistent streak of hit songs spanning the past 20 years. After accepting the Icon Award, Keith took a moment to share valuable advice with emerging songwriters who are embarking on their journey in the music industry.

“The best advice I could give an up-and-coming songwriter would be to try to write something every day and try to finish as many as you can,” Keith said in a YouTube video uploaded by BMI. “I feel like I wrote 200 songs. Then I wrote a good one. Then I wrote 150 songs, then I wrote another good one. Then, you know, I wrote 50 songs, and I wrote another good one. As you learn and network and you keep honing your trade, it will come easier for some people. People more talented than me probably shrunk that margin. But once you get down to where you understand how to write a song, then you’re just a great idea away from a great song.”

“When I got the idea to do ‘Don’t Let The Old Man In’ a few years ago, I knew when I heard the title that I was going to write a masterpiece for myself,” he continued. “That’s what happens. I know the second I know the idea if I’ve got a hit or not if I can nail it. And that’s just from doing it over and over and over again. Just get it in there. You can’t be lazy with it.”

During his acceptance speech for the prestigious award, Keith expressed, “Since 1990 or 1991, I have been affiliated with the greatest organization in the music business, and that’s BMI. They’ve been so great to me as a songwriter because I knew that even if I didn’t make it as an artist, then, maybe somebody would cut my songs. I always felt like the songwriting was the most important part of this whole industry.”

If there’s anyone we can trust for valuable songwriting advice, it’s Toby Keith!

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