Paramedic Who Got Attention For Singing “The Dance” Was Diagnosed With COVID-19

Paramedic Who Got Attention For Singing “The Dance” Was Diagnosed With COVID-19 | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

Facebook / Charlie Reilly

A Maryland paramedic, who went viral after posting a video of him singing Garth Brooks’ “The Dance” tested positive for COVID-19.

Charlie Reilly is a Charles County paramedic in Maryland and on March 29, 2020, he recorded a video that he posted on Facebook to “de-stress” and help spread some positivity in light of everything that was going on due to the coronavirus.

“As I’m sitting here at the Station away from my family I am feeling really sentimental. These uncertain times are scary.”

Reilly admitted that it had all been very “heavy”  and “stressful” for everyone working on the front lines, including him and his co-workers.

“It’s been HEAVY out here lately. Really stinking Heavy. We are here 24/7, 365 answering the call. It’s stressful knowing that what used to be a simple fever or trouble breathing call now requires a tyvek suit and full breathing protection, either Scott mask or n95,” Reilly said in a post published to his personal Facebook.

In the video Reilly strummed his guitar and sat on the back of an ambulance at the fire station, performing an emotion-filled rendition of Garth Brooks’ “The Dance.”

Reilly was hoping the video brought the people watching it some joy and helped to lift the spirits of anyone who needed it.

In a turn of events, a little less than a month after posting the video, Reilly found himself fighting the virus. Despite taking all precautions necessary, wearing a Tyvek suit, and full breathing protection gear, he was still exposed to the virus and tested positive for COVID-19.

Reilly fought the virus at home and isolated himself from his family. He admits the hardest part of being ill was not being able to see or be around his four children.

Reilly shared that his fiancée helped him get through the tough times of fighting the virus and he is on the road to recovery.

Watch Reilly’s cover of Garth Brooks’ “The Dance” below.

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