Old Video Shows Marty Robbins Singing One Of His Biggest Hits At The Opry

Old Video Shows Marty Robbins Singing One Of His Biggest Hits At The Opry | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Get ready to be transported back in time to the era of country music icon Marty Robbins. He was the ultimate performer as a singer, songwriter, and musician. To top it off, he dabbled in acting and race car driving. In other words, he was extraordinary.

Robbins gave us some of the biggest hits of his time, including “El Paso” and “My Woman, My Woman, My Wife.”

Another one of Robbins’ hit songs was “Ribbon of Darkness.” But did you know it wasn’t written by him? It was actually written by Canadian folk singer and songwriter Gordon Lightfoot.

Robbins released his version of “Ribbon of Darkness” in 1965. It went on to become his 11th chart-topping single.

A few years back, we found some footage of Robbins performing “Ribbon of Darkness” live at the Grand Ole Opry. We’ve got that video to share with you here.

Not only was Robbins an expert singer, he was also a skilled entertainer. The Opry video showcases how he interacted with the crowd to keep them engaged in his performance. He was the true definition of a showman!

There was something to Robbins that made him unlike anyone else. His contributions to the country music industry will never be forgotten.

Videos like the one featured below allow people to know, love, and appreciate Robbins and his music for decades to come.

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