Dolly Parton’s New Song, “When Life Is Good Again,” Was Inspired By The Coronavirus Pandemic

Dolly Parton’s New Song, “When Life Is Good Again,” Was Inspired By The Coronavirus Pandemic | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

Dolly Parton / YouTube

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Dolly Parton has tried her best to make people smile and give them some hope. At the start of her quarantine, the legendary country singer shared a positive message with her followers, encouraging everyone to keep faith that all would turn out fine in the end.

It’s gonna be alright, God loves us!” she said.

Since then, Parton has shared many more hopeful messages. She has also kept her fans entertained by writing poems, singing songs, and sharing bedtime stories with children.

On top of all of that, Parton made a $1 million donation to to Vanderbilt University to support their research toward finding a cure for coronavirus.

Now, Parton has served up yet another source of hope by sharing a new song she wrote while in quarantine. Titled “When Life Is Good Again,” the song was directly inspired by (and is therefore, about) the coronavirus pandemic.

Parton first shared the song with Entertainment Weekly on Wednesday evening (May 27). Its audio clip is now available for all to listen to on Parton’s official YouTube channel.

Less than 24 hours after its release, the clip already had thousands of views. The song clearly resonated with people, since it shares a hopeful message about what life will be like after quarantine ends and normalcy slowly resumes.

In the song, Parton sings of all the things she will strive to do after living through this time. She pledges to be a better friend, to live in and treasure each moment, and to open her heart and home to others once more.

The last few lines of the song are perhaps the most hopeful. Since we’re still not out of the woods yet, Parton ends the song by looking forward to the day when life will be “good” once more.

She first recognizes how sad things are now, but says we’ll make it through to better days in the future. As she sings:

We’ll make it through this long dark night. Darkness fades when faced with light. But everything’s gonna be alright, when life is good again.”

You can listen to Parton’s new song “When Life Is Good Again” by tuning in to the clip below. 

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