Willie Nelson Gives Tax Advice In One-Of-A-Kind Super Bowl Commercial

Willie Nelson Gives Tax Advice In One-Of-A-Kind Super Bowl Commercial | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos


Country music outlaw Willie Nelson teamed up with tax preparation company H&R Block to give folks that extra financial push they needed to finally make the right purchasing and tax filing decisions! However, it seems that Nelson’s efforts went hysterically wrong as his advertised “Advice Doll” is clearly not the best source to take orders from!

The commercial begins with a disheveled man frantically ruffling through a stack of paper, as a commentator asks, “Are taxes and finances getting you down?” Fortunately, his solution seems simple as he suggests, “Get the Willie Nelson Advice Doll!”  

Our Outlaw singer quickly graces the screen, holding a doll bearing a striking resemblance to himself – straight down to the black tee and overalls!

It’s perfect for any advice,” Nelson explained, pulling the doll’s string to release a loud “Correctomundo!” prerecorded by the “On The Road Again” vocalist.

While the concept sounded enticing, we are quickly faced with the hilarious fact that this doll is nothing but words of encouragement, giving over-trusting folks the approval and permission to invest in and buy absolutely ridiculous items!

“Taxes are complicated! Is guessing a good idea?” one flustered woman asks, to which the doll happily responds “Willie would!”

“401k? I thought a bass boat was a better investment! And Willie agreed,” another elated user explained! “I’m down with it,” added the doll!

H&R Block creatively used this idea to tell their viewers to “Get the right advice”, urging for financial consultation with their professionals.

Thanks for the laugh, Willie! Watch the funny commercial below!

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