Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Make Surprise Appearance In “Yellowstone”

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Make Surprise Appearance In “Yellowstone” | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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This article contains spoilers for both 1883 and Yellowstone.

December 19th was a big day for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. That was the day that their highly-anticipated new show, 1883, premiered.

It was also the day both their character appeared in a Yellowstone episode. McGraw previously was in the Season 4 premiere of Yellowstone, during a flashback scene, but Hill had yet to make an appearance…until now.

During Season 4 episode 8, we see Faith Hill’s Margaret Dutton fixing food for her and her two sons, one being John, who is just five years old in the series 1883. In this scene, he is a teenager.

Margaret and her sons sit down to eat and she asks John to say a prayer. John, by the way, is Kevin Costner’s John Dutton’s grandfather. He does it quickly and Margaret demands he pray for his father’s safe return. John then makes a joke about his father James, seeking justice the horse thieves. If you watched the first two episodes of 1883 before this, which we hope you did, you will know that Margaret doesn’t love the idea of her husband seeking justice for anything.

The scene cuts to James and his crew chasing after several men, who we can assume are the horse thieves. They exchange fire on horseback until the group of men hide in the trees. James and a few of his men are shot and go down. One of the men James is chasing walks up to him and James, who was playing dead, turns over and shoots him. James then shoots another, strategically shooting him in places that won’t kill him, it will just hurt very badly.

They hang one of the dead men in a tree and write “This is what happens to horse thieves here,” in blood on another before hanging him beside the other man. They tie the man who is alive up to a tree and James tells him, “I don’t care if you live or die, but should you live, tell them about me.”

The man asks, “Tell who?”

And James replies, “Everybody.”

James returns home, much to Margaret’s surprise, but then he just about collapses in pain, seeing as he was shot. She tells him to come in the house, but he doesn’t want to ruin her floor. She brings him inside and the camera shows their house, with the sounds of Margaret screaming. It is implied that James died.

Yellowstone is all about protecting the home and land that James and Margaret built, so we see a little bit into the history of why they protect it so much.

Watch Tim and Faith talk about filming those scenes in the video below.

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